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Solidarity notebook


We at 13sedicesmi don’t just like handmade, green and sustainable products. We like to work with friends and if we can help develop a project we believe in, we do it with passion. In this case even at 0 km.

In Turin there is a beautiful reality, the social cooperative  Vale Un Sogno 2, whose goal is social and work inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities and Down syndrome.

The boys of the social cooperative, led by Marzia Luparia, sensitive and creative architect and designer, used sunlight to imprint their graphics on fabric. An ancient contact printing process, cyanotype, characterized by the typical Prussian Blue color, which uses iron salts sensitive to ultraviolet light.

But even the fabric was not chosen at random. The hemp sheets used come from the former psychiatric hospital of Collegno (Turin), a place now distant in time but still present in our memories. Sheets for patients’ beds or intended to dry their bodies. Sometimes to contain them.

Our WorthyOfADream notebook, in the versions with cardboard or wooden cover, uses these sheets for the back and in the first opening, printed with two of the works of the boys. A notebook made with the usual passion but whose profit is donated to the social cooperative.

If you like the project too, please help us support it.


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