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Agendea, enthusiasm wins over everything.

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We like to create unique pieces by customizing our products for our customers but we have never agreed to print diaries with other people’s interiors. For Giorocca we made an exception.

Giorgia is a good designer, we like her ideas, we share the same values ​​and although in this case she is a competitor, we also like her agenda aimed at a female audience. For this reason, by way of exception, we have accepted to bind Agendea, having it printed by one of our suppliers.

We then print and bind the book blocks, cut, engrave the cover and box all the diaries. Giorgia then comes to collect in our laboratory (she is also from Piedmont), excited and satisfied.

One of the peculiarities of Agendea is to report all the lunar phases and the daily astrological transits.

Once back, Giorgia begins to check the interior, to discover with bewilderment that many of the transits have disappeared in the printing phase. Double-check the pdf file sent to the printer and it is correct, saved in the right way, evidently there was a hitch in the printing phase.

We consult with Giorgia. The first thought is to reprint everything and bind again. However, time does not play in our favor, we are in August with suppliers who are about to close for the holidays and would not deliver until the beginning of September when the agenda begins. Also, and we regret it most, we should throw away all those diaries and waste a lot of paper, when we try to be as sustainable as possible.

Hence the idea: we make 12 stamps with the zodiac signs and with patience (and love) we all work together to add them where they are missing.

The work was actually much more tiring than expected but also a good experience to remember. It allowed us not only to retrieve over 200 diaries, but also to get to know each other better. So much to advise the purchase of Agendea. These too, obviously unique and decidedly handmade pieces.

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