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Personalized with name diaries

This year choose 13sedicesimi’s personalized weekly diaries with your name on the cover. The best ally to face and plan every day of the year!

By purchasing a 13sixteenths you are not purchasing just any diary. Our weekly diaries, in addition to being completely customizable, are design objects handmade in Italy and studied down to the last detail. Proof of this is the hard covers in exclusive materials, from wood to pure wool felt to second-hand jeans, the canvas spine, the always flat opening.

All the materials used for our personalized diaries are certified or recycled and of European origin.

Creating personalized diaries online with 13sedicesimi is easy and fun. Give free rein to your imagination.

The customizable 13/16's weekly diaries

The customizable daily 13/16's diaries

Outside is you, inside even more you.

How to create a personalized planner for your 2025

The perfect personalized diary is the one that makes you smile or dream every time you pick it up. Or that you give by demonstrating how much you care for the person who will receive it.
You can have your name, a phrase, a logo or a drawing engraved on the cover and even add your photo on the first opening page.

Whether you are giving a gift to yourself or to someone you care about, your concern should only be thinking about how to make it unique, we will take care of transforming your idea into 13sedicesimi format.


Our diaries with customizable covers give you free rein. Personalize the cover starting from your name or a phrase. In addition you can have a logo or design engraved.

Ecological agendas

We are proud to offer you exclusively diaries made with eco-sustainable materials. The materials we use are all of Italian or European origin and FSC certified.

Flat opening

The exclusive binding of 13sedicesimi weekly diaries allows for a perfectly flat opening on any page. On the contrary, traditional bindings do not allow the two side-by-side pages to be on the same plane.

It all starts with the cover

For your new 13sedicesimi diary you have many exclusive cover materials to choose from.

The cardboard is recycled and colored in paste, which means that it is not printed but is born just like that. The wood is FSC certified, a thin layer (or rather two) coupled with black fiberboard. The felt is pure undyed wool, so it is only available in the natural colors gray and white.

If you then choose jeans or vinyl, you will have a unique and obviously unrepeatable piece

Agenda personalizzata con frase e nome in copertina

Personalized diaries with name or phrase

Personalized diaries with your name engraved on the cover are the simplest. Names, nicknames, job titles, etc., you have 40 characters to make it clear who the owner is.

Do you need a little motivation to start your day or do you just love quotes? Have something engraved that you would like to read every day: a song lyric, a poem, a quote or something personal.

The name can be engraved at the bottom left or parallel to the elastic. The phrase is instead engraved in the center of the cover or on request on the back.

Personalized diaries with photos on first spread

What’s more personal than a personalized diary with a photo printed on the front page?
Holidays, family, special moments even your dog or cat. In a 13sedicesimi there is room for your whole world.

Agenda personalizzata con foto in apertura

The opinions of our customers

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Grazia Condomitti
Verified ownerVerified owner

Professionalità e perfezione massima… il risultato è andato oltre le mie aspettative.. sicuramente da scegliere per un momento così importante come la laurea…

4 months ago
Eda M.
Verified ownerVerified owner
4 months ago
Sara Sitaj
Verified ownerVerified owner

Fatto molto bene e ho ricevuto complimenti anche dalla mia relatrice.

4 months ago

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Personalization of 2025 agendas

In addition to the use of eco-sustainable materials, the binding and customization service is one of 13sedicesimi’s strong points. Our personalized diaries with name do not stand out only for their materials and customizations but also for their intelligent internal organization. The weekly view gives you the opportunity to plan all your commitments precisely and conveniently.

It doesn’t end here! Each 2025 weekly planner comes with a notebook section with 90 numbered pages. This way you will have plenty of space to write notes and thoughts or make some nice drawings or sketches.