School diaries / Day journals

Choosing customizable diaries and daily journals is a very important moment. Students often look for a trendy object that represents them and makes them look good, teachers look for comfort and rationality. Those looking for a daily diary want it to have all the days of the year, not awkward and difficult to use merged pages.

The RivoluzioDiario 13sedicesimi is a unique object, revolutionary in its simplicity. Each page is obviously dated (you won’t risk having to put crosses on the days of the week), with a comfortable dotted texture and the months are grouped into quarters, divisible and with their own cover, and like all our products it is a diary CUSTOMIZABLE. At no additional cost you can have your name and school engraved on each cover, with a little extra you can also have a drawing, a logo or your favorite phrase engraved, the one that will make you face every day of the year better. An elegant and unique diary that will never be confused with any other.

The division into quarters will allow you to cut away the past and bring with you a lighter diary, aimed only at the future.

The Bricola diary has the same interior but a precious cover made with a recycled briccolo, a pole from the Venice lagoon cut, sanded and treated with oil. Such a unique and precious cover that you will want to keep all the time, which is why it is not a divisible diary.

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