Taking notes and writing ideas on paper is an attitude that does not seem to disappear at all in the digital age. Some recent studies draw attention to the importance of manual writing and reading on paper. Handwritten notes, like reading a paper book, involve greater processing and selection of information than typing from a keyboard.

According to Princeton UniversityAttention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away – it turns out that those who still use the most “ancient” technique for taking notes or reading a book select the elements to take note of more and have less difficulty then make the transcribed notions your own and “store” them in the brain. But writing by hand also helps the development of the brain and keeping it healthy (by Karin H.James and LauraEngelhardt) not to mention the benefits of writing a case of traumatic, stressful, emotional events.

Writing in the digital age on high quality notebooks, diaries, notebooks, which always open perfectly flat, customizable, hand-bound in Italy with unique certified or recycled materials, can only increase the pleasure of this healthy habit.

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