Notebook with wooden cover recovered from certified Venice Briccole, cut and treated with cooked linseed oil.

Each cover is obviously unique: it can be pitted if it was part of the bricola that was underwater, compact if part of the Bricola outside the surface of the water or grayer if it was at the height of the waterline.

The inside of the notebook is made of fine 90 g sm paper in a warm ivory shade, FSC certified, also perfect for writing with a fountain pen.

200 numbered pages, one blank and one lined, for writing and drawing and initial index to organize notes.

Perfectly flat opening for maximum writing comfort, spine in canvas paper. Hand-bound in Italy.

Closed format 110x150mm (4,3 x 5,9 in)

The Bricoli were born from an idea of ​​the architect Giuseppe Padovani and are made by 13sedicesimi together with Avanguardia Impresa Sociale.

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The Briccola (in Venetian “Bricoła”) is a nautical structure used to indicate the waterways (canals) in the lagoons of Venice, Marano and Grado. It is made up of two or more large poles of larch, oak, or chestnut wood tied together and placed in the water, driven into the seabed.

In the lagoon area, the Briccola differs from the pole in its shape (it has more poles while the pałina has a single pole) and in its function (it is mainly an indicator of the way while the pałina is used for mooring boats). Its purpose is to signal to the boatsthe limit of the deepest part of the lagoon, which can be navigated without risk, guiding them on their path and avoiding them being stranded in areas of shallow water. Signs or directions indicating directions can be installed on the Briccole.

Bricole and poles are replaced every 7/8 years since “teredini”, sea worms, eat the wood underwater, leaving holes in the pole. The Venice Water Authority certifies the sale by stamping the lot that is sold and subsequently sanitized.


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