Just unique items created specially for you.

With 13sedicesimi, you’ll always have carte blanche, whatever the colour. when it comes to personalising diaries, notebooks and memo pads, 13sedicesimi lets your imagination run wild.

Amaze your partners and clients with a gift that broadcasts your name, your brand and your personality loud and clear.
Or if you’re a fashion designer, a graphic designer or a creative, rethink 13sedicesimi to your taste, using the materials and ideas that take your fancy, and add it to your collections. It will be a great success and it will be all yours. 

Personalisations: just a few ideas to get you started.

Choose the material you prefer, add a few graphic design ideas, logos, names and surnames, whatever you fancy. All we need is an Excel file with a list of recipients.
If personalising the cover isn’t enough, we can even adapt the endpapers with a printed image or a logo or a phrase etched into the paper.
You can communicate your values using graphics, art and the creativity of materials.
The cardboard can be combined with anything from cork to leather to silicone, especially fabrics: wool, silk, cotton or lace, fabrics that make these notebooks even more exclusive.
Even fabrics can be marked with your logo.
The PURI range is dedicated to Companies.
90 or 200 numbered pages with an index and a soft velvet, transparent tape, or customized spine.
When itcomes to the arts, we can even allow ourselves a ‘simple’ cover, printeddirectly on our 2mm-thick natural card and not on a sheet of paper stuck onlater. Perfect for museums, temporary exhibitions or reproductions of works ofart that can be numbered and autographed if so desired.
Whether you require a few copies or a thousand, we’ll always be happy to create your exclusive notepad.
Contact us for any additional information.