Handmade and sustainable sketchbooks

The 13/16 sketchbooks, like all our products, are handmade because they are hand-bound and sustainable, with covers in colored recycled cardboard or FSC-certified wood glued to black recycled cardboard.

The craftsmanship allows us 2 types of binding: Refe wire and glue to which we have combined two different types of paper, both FSC certified.

• The sketchbooks with interior in fine cotton paper (25% ECF guaranteed cellulose, 25% recovered fibres, 40% CTMP cellulose and 10% cotton fibres, FSC® certified) 180g/m2, have numbered pages (and index to easily find the work) wire bound and are available in the 217×160 mm format.
Cotton paper is also perfect for watercolor.

• Albums bound as Puro (glued with black velvet on the spine) have pages in paper with a macroporous surface, 140 g/m2 with the pages possibly detachable, but perfectly sealed if not needed. Puri albums are available in 3 different formats: A4 portrait, A4 landscape and Square (22 x 22 cm).

Both wire and glue binding allow our sketchbooks to lie perfectly flat when opened, so much so that you can continue drawing from page to page.

In summary, handmade and sustainable 13/16 sketchbooks are a great choice for artists of all skills and experience levels. They are handcrafted with high quality materials, respecting the environment and are perfect for preserving your artistic works.

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