Created for you. By hand.

The level of personalization of 13sedicesimi products allows you to exaggerate. Whatever the color, with 13sedicesimi you will always have carte blanche.

Impress employees and customers with a customized corporate gift that screams your name, brand and personality aloud.

Or, stylists, designers and creatives, rethink 13sedicesimi notebooks and agendas to your taste, with your fabrics or other materials and ideas suggested by your flair, then insert it into your collections.

Notebooks with first spread and spine in silk

Choose your favorite material for the cover, add graphic ideas, logos and names and surnames. We just need an excel file with the list of who will receive the notebook or the customized agenda.

In addition to wood, we can couple to cardboard from leather to silicone and mainly fabrics: wool, silk, cotton and lace that make the notebooks even more exclusive.

And if the cover is not enough, even the first spread is customizable. The logo or a phrase perforated in the paper or a printed image.

Even the packaging will be made unique with the sticker with your logo and the recipient’s name.

For large quantities we have dedicated the Puri line to you. Same covers and same interior with numbered pages, also available in 96 sides, black back and velvet back. A corporate gift at a lower price for the same quality.

In this version it is possible to personalize the first page but also the initial quarter.

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