Terms and Conditions of Sale

These terms and conditions of sale govern the sale of products marketed on the website operated by www.13sedicesimi.com

 13sedicesimi srl (CF / P. IVA 11006270018), with registered office at 10144 Turin, Italy, via San Donato 79c, PI/CF 11006270018, Numero REA 1180224.

13sedicesimi Srl – is the sole owner of the rights of domains, logos, trademarks, copyrights applied to the site and products.

  1. Contents of the general conditions of sale

The following conditions of sale govern all contracts of sale entered into between the Purchaser and the Vendor through the site www.13sedicesimi.com. Each contract is subject to the terms and conditions of sale posted on the website at the time when the contract is concluded (see article 3). Purchaser shall mean any person and/or entity acting on www.13sedicesimi.com for purposes not related to his trade, business or professional activity. We therefore call on those acting for commercial purposes to refrain from entering into commercial transactions and to contact by mail www.13sedicesimi.com, 13sedicesimi Srl – in the “contact” page. Any changes proposed by the Purchaser is not liable to vary from the terms and conditions of sale, unless expressly accepted in writing by the Seller.

  1. Contract parties and geographical area

www.13sedicesimi.com – The online store is intended for the exclusive use of consumers and is therefore reserved for retail sale. Complaints about the site and home delivery should be addressed to the Seller. The products offered for sale through www.13sedicesimi.com will be delivered to Purchasers who indicate delivery address, which is an address included in the list of countries published on and accessible from any page on the site.

  1. Subject of the contract

The Seller offers for sale on the site paper-based products, particularly diaries and notebooks. Being natural materials, possible variations in color shades and finishes of the Products ordered within the normal characteristics of the materials used and are valuable characteristics of the product itself. The images and colors of the products on this site may not exactly correspond to the real effect of the Internet browser or monitor used. The characteristics of the products are written on the data available on 13sedicesimi.com products as well as on the order form and are to be considered, as mentioned above, for information. It excludes any liability of the Seller about the same.

  1. Completion of the contract

To conclude the purchase contract on the site 13sedicesimi.com, Purchaser must complete in full the order form and send it electronically to the Seller via computer, following the instructions. The order form contains a link to these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, the information on the essential characteristics of the product and detailed indication of the price, terms of payment and the cost of shipping and delivery. By placing an order, the customer declares to fully accept the Terms and Conditions of Sale and give their consent to the processing of personal data. Once we receive your order form duly completed, the Seller shall send by e-mail an order confirmation through a purchase order receipt, containing a summary of the information contained in the order form. The Customer undertakes to verify the correctness of the data provided and to communicate any corrections or changes. The sale is contingent upon the effective receipt of payment due by the Purchaser, in the manner prescribed. Only at that time, the contract will be finalized and will be obligatory to the seller to deliver the Products. In case of failure or incorrect payment, the Seller shall not proceed with the shipment and delivery of the Products. In such cases, the Seller will be free to sell to other parties any ordered products. Orders regularly accepted can not be canceled by the Customer without the prior written consent of the Seller, unless legitimate withdrawal in the form and manner below.

  1. Purchase of Products

The Products in the catalog may be purchased by selecting them from the Buyer and the subsequent dropping them into the shopping cart. Once the selection of Products and wanting to purchase those placed in the cart , the Buyer will be asked to provide the data required in order to allow the completion of the Contract. In particular, the Purchaser will be required to release in a special section of the website your personal data , your e-mail address , your address and the address for the delivery of the Products ( if different from the first ) , address billing and a telephone number where it can be contacted in order to inform him possibly on the date of delivery of the Products. Buyer shall communicate the details of your credit card via secure connection to which the Seller can not be accessed . For accounting – administrative , Seller reserves the right to verify the identity issued by the Purchaser. The purchase amount will be charged to the Purchaser after the conclusion of the order on the site . The Seller may reserve the right to Buyer only allow the purchase of a certain quantity of products offered for sale . The Buyer shall in any case an order for a quantity of products than available through specific bargaining by e- mail at info@13sedicesimi.com . In such a case , the Seller reserves the right to accept the proposal from the Buyer for the quantity exceeding the maximum allowed on the site , subject to availability of the Products. It is understood that , should it not be possible to meet Buyer’s order for the surplus , the Contract will be concluded within the limits of the maximum quantity of products offered.

  1. Supply of goods

The delivery times indicated are not binding, except where indicated otherwise in a separate agreement. However, the Vendor will do everything in its power to respect the times. Transport and delivery will be performed by professional carriers. For locations that present difficulties and/or access restrictions to commercial vehicles, delivery will be made at the depot of the courier area, after telephone communication by the latter. Any delivery times indicated in the confirmation of order are to be considered purely indicative and non-essential pursuant to art. 1457 of the Civil Ialian Code and, in any case, do not include the shipping times. If, for any reason, the Purchaser is not in a position to receive the products covered by this contract within the period prescribed, shall pay to the Seller any amounts due to storage costs and any costs of return. In such cases, the Seller shall be released from all liability for damages which may arise directly or indirectly to the Products. Upon delivery, the Purchaser will be required to check: – that the packaging is not damaged, or otherwise altered in any way; – that the number of packages is as indicated in the transport document. Any damage to the product or the packaging or the mismatch of information, must be immediately reported to the carrier by putting SUBJECT TO INSPECTION WRITTEN on a proof of delivery courier. If the packaging proves tampered with, the Purchaser shall have the duty to ascertain the state of the property. Once signed the slip, the Purchaser shall not make any objection about the integrity and correspondence to the Order of the delivered.

  1. Prices and shipping costs

The price of the Products is that resulting from the Price List published on the day the order is issued and before the order. Prices shown refer to the product price . Depending on the country of delivery will be shown at the time of order and prior to the conclusion of the same , the costs related to shipping. Any other costs , charges, fees and / or indirect taxes that a country should apply in any way to products sold, will be borne by the purchaser. The purchaser agreeing to these terms and conditions states that the lack of knowledge on his part of such costs , charges, fees and / or indirect taxes can not constitute grounds for withdrawal and shall in no way be charged to the seller. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to pay fees, taxes and any other fee in your country of residence . The Buyer shall indemnify the Seller from the payment of such taxes, levies and charges.

  1. Payments

Orders placed on www.13sedicesimi.com can only be paid by credit card or PayPal. The details of your credit card are sent to Braintree or PayPal Inc. that deal with payments via credit card on behalf of the Seller. The credit card data sent during the ordering process in 13sedicesimi.com, are protected against unauthorized access through the transfer of data encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer). All current browsers support SSL encryption. Such data is not accessible to third parties, nor to the Vendor. 8. Warranty

8.1 – Legal guarantee of Seller

The Vendor will issue a legal guarantee on the product in the event that does not conform to the quality specified in the contract of sale. The warranty enables the Purchaser , in the event of lack of conformity of the product, to obtain , by contacting the seller directly , taking into account the nature of the goods , the repair ( insofar as possible) , the replacement of the product , reducing the price or rescission of the contract. It is in any case warranted the use of the property does not conform to the one established by the Seller. It should be noted that , in the case of natural materials, any differences of color or color change when exposed to the sun, or any alteration of form, in the event of unusual weather conditions , can not be considered manufacturing defects as valuable characteristics of the product. It is also specified that a bad storage, improper use of the product under this contract by the Buyer or by a person authorized by , or dependent Purchaser , shall not be charged to the seller , so He will be released from any liability regarding.

8.2 – Transmission of complaints

The complaint must be filed by the Buyer giving mention of the order number promptly and no later than 60 days from the date on which he detected the lack of conformity. The Buyer and Seller agree and expressly agree that the date on which the Purchaser may determine the lack of conformity will be the date of delivery of the product. The Purchaser therefore accepting these Terms and Conditions, declare that any claim submitted within 60 days from the date of delivery shall not be invoked against the Seller which, however, reserves in any case, in its sole discretion whether to accept it. During this period, the product can not be used. The claim will be submitted by e-mail to Seller at Buyer info@13sedicesimi.com which shall immediately communicate the ways in which you deliver your product.

  1. Due to force majeure

The seller is exempt from all responsibility for the total or partial non-performance of any obligations set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Sale if such failure is caused by unpredictable events and / or natural events beyond the control and responsibility of the Seller including, in title but not limited to, events (disasters) natural, acts of terrorism, war, riots, failure of connectivity, lack of electricity, the general strike of workers in public and / or private, strike and / or restrictions on the roads the courier and air links.

  1. Right of Return and Return Policy

For any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, the Purchaser shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement, without any penalty in terms of cost of the product, and with the exception of postage and transaction fees incurred by the Seller will be retained by Seller and will remain the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. To exercise the right of withdrawal is necessary to the Seller within 10 working days from receipt of goods, the desire to withdraw from the contract in the following ways: sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address:

13sedicesimi Srl, Via San Donato 79c, 10144 Turin, Italy;

sending an e-mail to info@13sedicesimi.com confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The notification must contain:

  1. the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal;
  2. an indication of the / the product / s for which the purchaser intends to exercise the right of withdrawal, indicating the item number / s;
  3. the order number issued at the time of purchase;
  4. the document of transport;
  5. data relating to a bank account of the Purchaser (IBAN) or paypal adress. Within 10 working days of receipt of the registered letter , the Vendor to the Purchaser will send a return authorization with instructions . Within 10 days of receipt of the authorization, the Purchaser will send the product to the Seller at the address above. Products must be returned in the same condition they were received, ie in perfect condition , complete with all parts , unused , with the original packaging and any manuals attached. It is understood that the costs and risks of transport for the return of the Products shall be fully borne by the Buyer. The Vendor will accept delivery of the returned Products reserving the right to see that they have been returned as delivered to the Purchaser . To this end it will be appropriate to put on the original packaging of the products with other protective packaging that preserves the integrity and protect it from writing or labels. The Seller will refund the Buyer the amount paid for the purchase of products, with the exception of the contributions of transport costs and possible duties as scheduled by law, and provided that the Products have been returned in accordance with the above provisions. A refund, after quantification of the amount, will be made by bank transfer to the Purchaser. Will be the responsibility of the Buyer to the Seller communicate their bank to make the transfer in his favor, and to ensure that the Seller is in a position to repay the amount due.


  1. Privacy Policy

The data in the possession of the Seller shall be treated in accordance with local regulations (Legislative Decree no. 196/03 “Code regarding the protection of personal data”), and in any case, with due confidentiality in order to adequately provide for the fulfillment of obligations execution of the contract. They will be processed using manual, IT and telecommunication personnel authorized by the Seller. Pursuant to art. 7 (Right of access to personal data and other rights) of the Code relating to the processing of personal data, the Purchaser has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him, even if not yet registered, and their communication in intelligible form. He also has the right to object, in whole or in part, for use of personal data for purposes of Lo: sending advertising material, direct sale, market surveys, data processing commercial.

Holder of the data processing is 13sedicesimi Srl (CF / P. IVA 11006270018), with registered office at Via San Donato 79c, 10144 Turin,Italy. The manager of data processing is 13Sedicesimi Srl in the person of the partner Silvia Caligaris. All information regarding the protection of privacy and the exercise of related rights are detailed in the Statement of Policy on the website, to which reference is made in full and that is to be considered an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. With the making of the Order, the Buyer shall accede to the General Conditions of Sale and gives his consent to the processing of personal data.

  1. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The applicable legislation is exclusively Italian. Any dispute arising out of or related to these “Terms and Conditions of Sale” will be referred to the jurisdiction of the Court as defined by the regulations contained in the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206).