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It is true, for us it is quite easy because making everything by hand in our Turin laboratory it is not difficult to be sustainable.

The main engine are our hands (which we get a little dirty), some rather vintage manual machines, a paper cutter machine, the press and the laser to engrave the customizations you ask us.

And if we don’t bind with glue, we use the sewing machine (in fact it’s called Singer thread binding!) Just as if it were a made-to-measure suit.

We put a lot of care and attention in the choice of materials for the covers: recycled cartons or used jeans, leftover fabrics, vinyl records that can no longer be listened to.

taccuini jeans rilegati a mano

The paper of the internal sheets is all certified F.S.C., produced with ECF cellulose, coming from forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Acid free with alkaline reserve to guarantee long conservation – Long Life (ISO 9706).

Being fond of the warm ivory tone of this paper and not wanting to give up the pleasantness of the surface for writing at all, we have not yet been able to replace it with a totally recycled paper. In the meantime, however, we propose it for the printing of thesis.