New desk calendars

Big size, maximum comfort.

Your best works in a unique notebook.

Customizable, washable and reusable. Now with metallic printing.

The only diary split in quarters you can literally cut off

The only notebook with real LP on the cover

The outside is you. The inside is even more you.

Add a photo in the first spread.

Only unique items,

handmade one by one.

13sedicesimi’s quality for you bar or restaurant

Customize with your logo our menu holders

Tribute to Renoir

The only notebook with spine and first spread in silk

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You get the idea and we make it, hand bounding every paper product.

Choose your favorite notebook, sketchbook, jotter or diary, write a text or a quote that make you fell good, add the name and upload a logo or an artwork to engrave on the cover. You can even ask us your own picture in the first spread. If it is a gift, you will be appreciate for sure, for you caring about.

If you want us hand binding your own work, the portfolio, a dissertation, even a novel or a book, choose among our unique covers and all 13sedicesimi’s quality. No minimum order quantity but discounts on multiple copies.

Outside is you, inside is even more you.

Choose the cover

taccuino 13/16 cartone
taccuino 13/16 legno
13/26 taccuino sughero
Agenda personalizzabile con copertina di pizzo
Taccuini a agende personalizzabili con vinile
artistic silk
13/16 taccuino peluche

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