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Taglio legno rilegatura tesi

We are a small company, unique of its kind especially among those that offer online thesis binding: an artisan laboratory, very attentive to design, quality and sustainability.

We are not a copy shop or printers, we bind products that we create exclusively by hand, which is why we have no competitors. Since our production is entirely handmade, we can create the covers ourselves and choose the materials, all certified or recycled.

Tesi legno e sughero

To create the covers, we have chosen the materials and colors that best enhance your title page: not too dark wood, cardboard and cork.

We buy the wood, of Italian production and FSC certified, in thin sheets 3.5 m long. We cut it and glue it to recycled cardboard.

The colored cardboard is recycled and pulp-dyed.

Dettaglio rilegatura tesi in cartone
Rilegatura on demand

Before proposing our binding for your dissertation or thesis, we dedicated ourselves to the production of notebooks and planners under our own brand.

With the experience of laser customization of the covers and the research done on materials, the transition to on-demand binding was easy.

Rilegatura handmade tesi e taccuini

The binding of the thesis ordered online (but you can also come to the atelier if you are in Turin!) is made with a technique that we have developed internally using only vinyl glue that we apply by hand, with a brush.

The personalization of the cover, as for all our products, is a laser engraving, not a simple print.

Wood covers are checked after trimming and edges sanded. We like to take care of each piece, at every stage of the binding.

The craftsmanship does not affect production times: the shipment takes place within two/three days from the order.

But more than our words, our customers’ reviews count: the greatest satisfaction is when they write to us, and it often happens, ” the thesis is better than I imagined”.

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