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This is how our notebooks and agendas are born.

We start with the printing, which we do externally, in the typography. The book blocks are obtained from 13 sheets folded into sixteenth, precisely, and thread sewn.

The binding is instead carried out in our atelier. First we fold and glue the black openings that we have previously laser perforated.

produzione taccuini agende handmade

Then we glue the canvas spine.

rilegatura a mano taccuini e agende
Rilegatura handmade

We prepare the covers, cut them and apply the elastic on the backs.

13sedicesimi produzione

After having trimmed each volume and rounded the corners with the manual notching machine, we make the half holes with the drill.


And finally, our notebooks and agendas are ready for personalization with the laser that transforms them into unique pieces.